Graphic & Motion Graphic Design


/Content that excites

Motion grabs attention!

With the huge amounts of visual content we see everyday, Motion Graphics help to make your content stand out. Motion Graphics be used to enhance still designs, posters or advertisements. They are also perfect for displaying information or data in more engaging and coherent ways.

Motion Graphic Video

100% computer designed and animated. Perfect for showcasing important data, explaining something or even promoting products & services.


Any size, any shape, where-ever you need to advertise, motion graphic ads will catch the eye and leave a longer lasting impression.


Forget boring PowerPoints! With professional design and dynamic movement no one will be falling asleep during your presentations.

How are motion graphic projects made?

Just like regular video production, there's a simple process we follow. So just relax while we take care of the hard stuff.

Project Brief

We chat with you to understand what you're looking for, what your goal is and how you want it to look.



The work begins drafting the overall plan, creating & preparing all necessary artwork & elements.



All the artwork and elements come together on the timeline, we add movement, style & creative effects.


Post Production

If required, this is where we add the final touches like music, sound effects & voice-over.


Print & screen Graphic Design

Let's no forget print and digital/screen graphics. These are a fundamental part of almost any company’s image, products and services.

Mooncog offers Graphic Design services for standalone projects like brochures, signage and digital documents. We can also package design elements with our video or web services.


Brochures, Flyers, Catalogues, Posters, Business Cards, Signage, Branding and more.

Social Media

Facebook Page Branding, Twitter Page Branding, Linkedin Page Branding, Google+ Page Branding, Social Media Content.


Advertisements, Digital Billboards, POS Graphics, Website Content, UI/UX Design.

And more

We can create the photography/ video assets for your designs. Custom content websites & portals, Design Packages.