Hassle free, creative storytelling.

Think of creating a video, like building a house. As the builder, we’re here to guide you through the vast possibilities and help you make the best decisions for a finished product you’ll love.


We take your idea or we come up with one for you, then set about bringing it to life. We want our clients to be absolutely confident, so we are always upfront about the requirements of concepts, options & costs.


We have many years of experience in all aspects of video production and we know how to handle projects big or small. From crew to cast, locations, permissions – we’ve got it all covered for an easy and professional experience.


Our service doesn’t end once the video is exported. The point of making a video is for people to see it. We ensure your video is delivered on time and we help out with implementing it’s distribution.

What can we do for you?

No matter what type of video production you’re after, we have the experience and expertise to display your message in an informative and engaging way.

Corporate Films

Corporate Films are a great way to sell your company, show what it’s all about and how it works. No more boring slide show presentations, we can create a concept that makes your company look good, helps to sell your products or services and allows people to understand what sets you apart.


Commercials are no longer reserved for TV broadcast. These days commercial come in all shapes and sizes. Mooncog creates ads for YouTube, Facebook or any online source, cinema ads & TVC’s specifically designed to engage the intended target audience. We can also work with advertising agencies or you can rely on the professional team of coggers.


Product/Service Video

Engagement with a video about a product or service is much greater than text or even images. Videos can helps sell, promote and explain. We create engaging video for retail products, videos about services or just general videos about your business that can be used throughout the many options of distribution.

Training/Instructional Video

Jazz up the old instruction manual with something your employees or clients aren’t going to fall asleep to. We can create a video that achieves its purpose and keeps the audience engaged. Train staff about services or procedures, show customers how to use their products – whatever needs to be taught, we can help teach it.


Promotional Films

Think of Promotion Films like an upmarket Product Video. Promo Films go beyond presenting details about a product or service. They are meant to create a buzz, an image, and make your product or service stick in peoples minds.

Video Advertising Campaigns

Thinking bigger? Go broader and attract more impressions with a video advertising strategy. Campaigns can be about hitting multiple avenues of video distribution or about creating an ongoing concept/story used to continously carry your brand.

The Mooncog Process

Every video is different, but we break each project down into 5 simple steps.

1 - Project Brief

We chat to you about what you're looking for and get the understand a bit about your business.

3 - Production

Time to get out on location with cast and crew, capture the magic & beginning to bring the project to life.

5 - Delivery

Time to show the world! We'll help ensure your video gets to where it needs to and looks it's best.

2 - Pre Production

An idea become a plan. From a script or concept we breakdown what's involved and how we'll do it.

5 - Post Production

Footage, sound, graphics, all the elements are brought together to tell your story.

Mooncog Video Production - Special Offer

Short, simple video. Without the big price tag.

We’ve created a Video Production package perfect for those short, sharp videos which engage your audience. Small scale video projects can often seem expensive due to the way many Production Companies (including us) operate. Realising this we made it cost effective to get short, professional video from just $655.