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You may have noticed a few magazines or publications in the last few years offering digital subscriptions, or digital versions available to view on a tablet. This is the publishing of the 21st century. No more having to go to the shop or waiting for a magazine to arrive in the mail, once an issue is released it’s available for download on your device straight away. The other advantage of digital publishing is that it adds interactivity, such as clickable links, video, audio, zooming, panning, slideshows… the list goes on. Not to mention the ability to update and change/add things after publication! So that’s all pretty cool, you’re thinking, but I don’t need a digital magazine for my business. Digital publishing isn’t just reserved for magazines or news articles though, think outside the box and the possibilities are endless.

Does your company have sales reps? Or do you yourself head out to present your company or product to other business? You might have different brochures for different products or fact sheets or different information spread across different print outs or different computer files requiring different applications to display each. Digital publishing can accumulate all that together. Think of rocking up to your presentation holding only a tablet. Think of how much more professional and organised you look when you get asked something and a few taps of the screen brings up just what you need. What if you’ve got sales reps all over the country and you’ve updated a product. Theres no time to reprint your brochure or flyer and send it out, this is where Digital publishing shines. Disregard the costs of re-printing hundreds of flyers or a whole booklet, we simply make the necessary changes, publish it and your sales reps are notified that there is an updated version ready for download.

How about you just want a simple way to showcase your companies services. You’ve got a few videos, heaps of photos. You can combine all your media to create a simple to use and navigate showcase. Combine photos together to create a gallery, or even add pan & zoom functions. Easily bring up videos to play full screen and add buttons or menus to navigate. The possibilities are endless, its like combining any type of print document with the functionality of a website.

In house company news? Forget sending out emails, create documents with more size, shape and style possibilities. Staff training or training workshops, create documents with videos, pictures, split it up into different steps, allow the user to process at there own pace and have all the previous publications available to look back at anytime.

You truly do have to look outside the box of new technology and processes these days. Someone will always find a new way that something can be used to change the way we do things, make the way we do things easier or even find a way to cut costs and save money.

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