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Video’s been around for a while and is steadily growing in popularity as it becomes more accessible to consumers. Small and even medium sized business are still a bit slow to the party but they’re trickling in. Since theres a lot of newcomers to the realm of video production who have probably seen what others are doing with video but aren’t sure whats involved, we thought we’d share our process of producing a video. There’s 2 main reasons we want to do this, firstly because we want you to have an understanding of what you’re paying for, how we develop concepts and whats involved from you. Secondly, because we are in the age where video is so accessible and the internet is becoming flooded with videos shot on an iPhone and uploaded straight to Facebook, we want you to understand the difference of what happens when you get a video professionally produced compare to a shelf shot video.

Concept Development/Pre Production

You would have seen the overview about the general process of how we work on our front page, so you’ll know first up in the process is Concept. Concept starts from your first email, phone call or meeting. The first thing we’ll determine is, what type of video you’re after and what’s it to be about? If you’ve come up with a concept for your video we’d love to hear it or we can come up with a concept for you. If the video is to film an event then we’ll need to know whats going to happen. What exactly is a concept? Basically just a detailed explanation about whats going to happen in the video. After a concept is developed we set to work on deciding how to make it. If necessary write a script, shot list or draw a storyboard. Decide when and where to shoot and what to shoot on. After determining the aspects of the concept we schedule actors, crew, props, get any necessary permissions or permits and make sure we’re all set to begin filming.


The production stage is the exciting part! We begin shooting the video, all of the planning from the pre-production stage goes into practice. There isn’t really a whole lot to say about the production stage, it all comes down to the concept for where and when it’ll happen, who will need to be there and so on. You may need to be there, you may not or you may just want to tag along anyway, but all this is sorted out in pre-production.

Post Production

Now we’ve shot the footage and we’re back in the office. Editing begins with reviewing the footage, picking out the best shots, the best takes and piecing them together. Usually we’d get to a rough cut before we look at any graphics, special effects or animations. After any extra bits are added in we’ve got our first draft of the video. This would be your first opportunity to see how the video is actually going to look. Some clients may want to be involved at this stage but it is only really necessary if you need to check for things in the video that need to be there or things in the video that aren’t supposed to be there. (For example a training video may need to be checked to make sure all the procedures are correct). The next stage in post-production is to fine tune everything, tidy up the draft edit, clean up the audio, add music and sound effects. The video in now basically finished except, depending on the type of video or what it was shot on it may need to be colour graded or you may choose to have it graded. The final stage is for you to watch the video and suggest any changes after which we export the video for how you’ll use it. Be it a file for Youtube, a website, Facebook, author to DVD or BluRay or just supply it on a portable drive.

So that’s the gist of things and you might be thinking this is all too confusing and video is going to be so much work, but thankfully we are good at what we do and all this comes second nature to us. You don’t have to worry about every little aspect at every stage, that’s what we do and that’s why we’re here for you.

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