It’s difficult to budget or allow for expenses when you don’t have any idea of what something costs. Our online quote form is coming shortly, in the meantime send us an email answering these questions for a no obligation quote. Please note, our Quick Quotes are intended as a rough pricing guide. As there are many details to consider, a revised quote may be given after further discussion. However, remember that the more details you provide, the more accurate your quote will be.


What type of video are you after? Corporate video, Training video, TV/Cinema Commercial, Product Video, Motion Graphic or other.

About how long do you want the video?

Do you have a budget? There’s more than one way to shoot a video. Knowing your budget allows us to develop a concept & plan that works within that budget.

Do you already have a script or concept?

What is your video about? Be as detailed as possible.

Where do you intend the video to be shown? Online, DVD, BluRay, Corporate presentation, etc.

What is your timeframe for delivery?


What type of design are you after? Company branding, Brochures/flyers, Screen Graphic, Signage, Motion Graphic, etc.

Describe any ideas about your design? Let us know things like the style of design you’re after, specific colours you want, or specific themes.

Do you have a specific print/delivery format? For example 1000x800pixels, A4, Trifold brochure, etc.

Would you like us to arrange the printing?

Any other important information? Deadlines, Specific style guide to follow, special print type, etc.


What are you after? Website, Mobile Website, Database, Online Catalogue, Online Store, etc.

Tell us who the online content is for or who will use it and how they will use it.

Do you have a theme? For example the website needs to match into your branding or other previously completed projects.

Show us some examples of sites or components you like. The best way to get an idea of what you want is to show us examples of content or certain components that you like, or certain layouts and themes that you find appealing.

Do you have a specific timeframe for completion?