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Whilst I’m going to talk here about stand alone Motion Graphic videos, Motion Graphics are not limited to such. We use Motion Graphics in almost every video production we do, for titles, end tags, infographics, logo animations, etc. This adds so much more engagement to a video than just dumping the logo on screen or just having a plain text title. However, back to Motion Graphic videos. These are videos that are made entirely from graphic designs and are standalone with their own music, sound effects, voice over(s) and story.

Motion Graphics are a great alternative to live action video when it might be too challenging to shoot something, or just not financially practical. For instance, a promotional video for a piece of software. There isn’t exactly much to shoot and filming a computer screen isn’t very exciting. Or perhaps its just not practical or safe to get a crew out to a site for shooting. Don’t think of Motion Graphics only as an alternative to live action video though. A motion graphic video may be better suited to the way you advertise, the theme and style of your business or you may just prefer a graphic video.

So how do motion graphic videos compare to general live action videos for cost? In some situations mo-graphics will be a much more cost effective option. A 30 second live action video won’t be comparable to the cost of a 30 second mo-graphic. However, when we get up to 2-3 minute videos the costs could start to become comparable depending on the concept of the video. So if you’re thinking of a mo-graphic as a budget alternative for live action, you would need to take into consideration the concept and length before assuming a mo-graphic would be a cheaper option.

What’s involved in making a motion graphic video? Basically it’s the same as producing a live action video, apart from actually physically going out and shooting footage. Just replace the filming stage with illustrating and animating. Take a look at “The Production Process” blog for more info on the process of making videos.

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