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Motion & Graphic Design

Bring Graphic Design to life with Motion Graphics!

In a world of ever increasing video traffic & shrinking attention spans, Motion Graphics add multiple levels of engagement. They help grab attention and make your message stand out!

Motion Graphics are a great way to present information in visually exciting ways which can be shown via many different mediums.

Motion Graphic Videos

Mooncog produces complete stand-alone motion graphic videos for websites, social media & presentations. We can also incorporate motion graphics into a live action video production for that extra impact.

Simple Motion Graphics

Simple 2D motion animation can be added to things like website banners, social media graphics or even presentations. There are many different ways which motion can be added to digital content to create much greater impact. Get in touch to learn about what we could do for you.

Print & Digital Design

Print Design and Digital/Screen Graphics are still a fundamental part of almost any company’s image, it’s products and services.

Mooncog offers Graphics Design services for standalone projects like Brochures, Signage and Digital Documents. We can also package design elements to coincide with other Video or Web projects. Things like DVD labels, Posters, Website Banners or Ads.

Print Design

Brochures, flyers, labels, business cards, banners. Whatever your print media needs, our team of graphic designers is sure to come up with a stand-out design. You can use your preferred printers or we can take care of the printing for you.

Screen Design

Posters for social media, advertisements for websites, emails or electronic documents, we’ve got you covered. Plus, with digital based Design we can get a little more creative by adding website links, page navigation or even simple animations to PDF documents.

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