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It’s the first question people ask us all the time and it’s impossible to answer. How much will a video cost? It’s like asking a builder how much will it cost to build a house before you’ve told him how big the house will be, how many rooms it will have, what sort of fittings, etc. Just as there are hundreds of different ways a house can be designed and built, there are hundreds of different types and styles of video and endless ways in which they can be made.

If you want to know how much will a video will cost, first we have to ask you some questions. What type of video do you want? Training, Corporate, TV Commercials, whatever it is, all types of videos require different levels of pre-production, different crew and equipment during the production stage, and different ways of approaching post production. Even within the same type of video production the concept can drastically alter the budget. One concept might require 2 main actors while another requires 5 main actors and 20 extras. What about where the video will be shown? This can effect what technical quality the end product needs to achieve. If you wanted a video for you website then 1080p resolution or even 720p may be suitable, but what if you wanted a Cinema Ad? That huge 30ft screen is going to display the image that represents your business. Thus, we can’t always use the same camera kit for different types of productions. Camera kits that we use range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase, so you’ve got to expect to pay different rates for whats needed to shoot a web video to whats needed to shoot a crisp 4K cinema ad. I could go on all day here about the different aspects that could effect cost, but I’m sure you’ve gotten the point by now.

What does a video cost? Now you know what to do so we can answer that question, but theres one other way of working out how much a video will cost. You tell us how much you want to spend. But hold up a second, before you tell us you want a TVC for $200 remember what we’ve just talked about with how different aspects effect costs. Some videos just can’t be done for $200, so you can’t just come in with a low ball budget and expect great things. Telling us your budget is probably the best way to produce a video. You tell us what you’ve got to spend and we can develop a concept and choose the best way to produce a video to the best possible standard within that budget. We may not even have to use all your budget for the best result.

Video is something you’ve got to commit to, take a little bit of time to think about what you need and what you want the outcome to be, or take the time to work it into your marketing budget and know what you’ve got to spend. Video isn’t something you can just have a quick try and see how it turns out, but that can be said about any marketing/advertising if you want the best result. The main thing to remember is video production is not an of the shelf product. Every video has different aspects, different needs, different costs and there has to be thought put into tailoring a video for the best result.

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