Let’s get real, a video is not some magical marketing tool that starts generating massive impact as soon as the export is rendered. This is especially true today with the flood of videos online. Technology and social media has made massive progression it the past few years. Prices of video camera’s have dropped and image quality has improved dramatically. This has made it much more accessible to produce video at more reasonable costs. Which means more people making there own videos, more competition in the industry, more videos being made. So, whats the downside to this? A few years ago if you had video on your website or social media channels it Read more

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You may have noticed a few magazines or publications in the last few years offering digital subscriptions, or digital versions available to view on a tablet. This is the publishing of the 21st century. No more having to go to the shop or waiting for a magazine to arrive in the mail, once an issue is released it’s available for download on your device straight away. The other advantage of digital publishing is that it adds interactivity, such as clickable links, video, audio, zooming, panning, slideshows… the list goes on. Not to mention the ability to update and change/add things after publication! So that’s all pretty cool, you’re thinking, but Read more

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It’s the first question people ask us all the time and it’s impossible to answer. How much will a video cost? It’s like asking a builder how much will it cost to build a house before you’ve told him how big the house will be, how many rooms it will have, what sort of fittings, etc. Just as there are hundreds of different ways a house can be designed and built, there are hundreds of different types and styles of video and endless ways in which they can be made. If you want to know how much will a video will cost, first we have to ask you some questions. What type of video do you Read more

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Whilst I’m going to talk here about stand alone Motion Graphic videos, Motion Graphics are not limited to such. We use Motion Graphics in almost every video production we do, for titles, end tags, infographics, logo animations, etc. This adds so much more engagement to a video than just dumping the logo on screen or just having a plain text title. However, back to Motion Graphic videos. These are videos that are made entirely from graphic designs and are standalone with their own music, sound effects, voice over(s) and story. Motion Graphics are a great alternative to live action video when it might be too challenging to shoot something, or just Read more

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Video’s been around for a while and is steadily growing in popularity as it becomes more accessible to consumers. Small and even medium sized business are still a bit slow to the party but they’re trickling in. Since theres a lot of newcomers to the realm of video production who have probably seen what others are doing with video but aren’t sure whats involved, we thought we’d share our process of producing a video. There’s 2 main reasons we want to do this, firstly because we want you to have an understanding of what you’re paying for, how we develop concepts and whats involved from you. Secondly, because we are in the age where Read more