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Whatever type of video you can think of we can do, and maybe even some you can't think of. From Corporate promotional, training, online video to TV commercials.


Print or screen design and motion graphic video are just some design services we offer. But theres plenty more types and mediums for design we're skilled in.


Think more than just website deisgn, we can offer shopping carts, online catalogues, modern interactivity and much more for an online presence that sets you apart.


You don't have to build a website with us to take advantage of our hosting. We offer high quality cloud hosting, email hosting and easy domain registration.


What our clients say:

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We have always found the guys to be professional, creative and super efficient! The quality of their work is outstanding and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Kacie Healthworks Cleveland & Victoria Point

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We have worked on many projects together, which have been above my expectations. It is great to deal with an organisation which makes the transaction simple and nothing is too hard for them.

Greg National Plastics & Rubber


Our Mission

We strive to take your vision or message and make it real through a completely hassle free process and work of the highest quality. We’ll take care of every aspect and won’t just finish up with a handshake and a thanks, all of our work is archived to provide long term solutions that can be altered, updated or revamped anytime. We also stick by our clients to help them implement their projects and make sure they’re getting the most out of them.


Video Production Brisbane

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Corporate Video
Corporate video is a great way to sell your company, show what it’s all about and how it works. Get rid of those boring slide show presentations. We can create an appealing concept that makes your company look good, generates interest, helps to sell your products or services, helps people understand what you do and creates a relationship with your clients or customers.
We work with you through every aspect to produce a creative and high quality commercial with impact. These days commercials aren’t just found on TV. Mooncog can create web commercials and cinema ads specifically designed to engage the intended target audience. We can also work with advertising agencies or produce it all in house.
Training/Instructional Video
Jazz up the old instruction manual with something your employees or clients aren’t going to fall asleep to. We can create a video that achieves its purpose and keeps the audience engaged. Train staff about services or procedures, show customers how to use their products – whatever needs to be taught, we can help teach it.
Online Video
Engagement with a video about a product or service is much greater than text or even images. Online video helps sell, promote and explain. Mooncog can create video for retail products, videos about services or just general videos about your business that can be used throughout the many online options, such as your website, Facebook, twitter, YouTube or email.
Mooncog Video Production - Special Offer
Video Production Special Offer!
Need a video for your social media networks, website or perhaps in house digital display? We’ve tailored a package specific for short promotional videos to make it achievable for any size business to use the power of professional video without having to spend thousands...


Print Design
Brochures, flyers, labels, business cards, banners. Whatever your print media needs, our team of graphic designers is sure to come up with a stand-out design. We can also design disc labels, disc case inserts, booklets or any other design elements as a package with your video production.
Screen Design
If you need banners for your social media networks, advertisements for websites, emails or electronic documents we’ve got you covered. Plus you can get a little more creative with screen graphics then print. Constructed in much the same way as motion graphics, we can add eye catching animations for digital displayed graphics.
Motion Graphics
Motion graphic videos are a great way to show information in a visually exciting presentation and can be used in many different ways. Mooncog produces creative stand alone motion graphic videos for websites, your social media networks, DVD’s, or we can incorporate motion graphics into a video production for that extra impact.


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Website Design
Need a website built? We take out the hassle and handle everything, even domain names and web hosting. You can also incorporate some of our other services to create visual content for your site. If you’re after hosting you can sign yourself up on our cloud hosting page and also register or transfer a domain name while you’re at it.
Mobile Websites
For your website to be effective you want it to be accessible and easily viewable but those mobile screens just aren’t website friendly. We can create a mobile site based on your current website or create one from scratch optimised to work on mobile devices.
Digital Publishing
Digital Publishing opens up a whole new world. Magazines or catalogues can be created or covered to display on digital devices, like iPads or iPhones, with the added benefit of interactivity. Keep corporate presentations in the palm of your hand for whenever that unexpected moment arrises or just to replace those ugly old Powerpoint presentations.


Our process:



This is where we start to develop ideas. We converse with you to create a proposal, script, schedules or research and develop drafts for design and web work.



Now things get exciting. We start shooting or animating, designs start to come to life and websites begin taking shape. Plus we’ll keep you in the loop along the way.



This process is mainly for video. This is where your video begins telling a story. We bring all the elements together and add those fancy touches.



The final stage. Your project is pretty much finished and it’s time for you to check it out and suggest any changes before we create the final delivery format.



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